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3 Steps to Master the Job Search

It’s not a shock that the current job market is competitive. With the Labor of Bureau Statics reporting the current U.S. unemployment rate totaling 7.7% with over 12 million people out of work (dated March 8, 2013); it’s more important than ever that you develop a strategic job search plan that will set you apart from the competition. To dramatically reduce your time out of work or in job transition by weeks or even months, utilize the following three-step approach.Woman Celebrating Success

I ask that you don’t just go through the motions in completing the steps below. To really set yourself apart, think of the following three steps as a series of sales tools used to help you sell and market the value you offer an organization. It’s time to shift your thinking from what YOU are looking to achieve and start thinking about the value you HAVE TO OFFER an organization. It’s simple…employers are looking to hire someone who can help solve a problem or make and save them money; If you can align your past experiences and achievements to the employer’s pressing needs, you’ll be light years ahead of the competition.


Why Use a Professional Resume Writing Service?

No matter the stage in your career span, it’s always important to keep an updated and professional resume. However, resumes are not uniform and must be customized depending on the particular job or opportunity you’re applying to. This is because every company, program, and organization—no matter how alike in nature—is looking for a distinct set…