Welcome to Resume2Employed! We guarantee to design an effective and professionally written resume that illustrates your strengths, expertise and unique talents that set you apart. Our team of expert writers is perceptive and adept at creating a resume that is polished, accurate and sure to dazzle! Most job seekers are at a loss when it comes to formatting and organizing their resumes, which unfortunately can mean the difference between landing a dream-job and experiencing utter disappointment. However, retaining the services of Resume2Employed instantly negates your formatting concerns!

Employers are extremely aware of the structure of a resume. In fact, the manner in which a resume is crafted is as important as its contents! This means that the proper margins, appropriate fonts, styles; and paragraph and line spacing is quintessential. At Resume2Employed, our savvy writing team addresses all of the aforementioned, and more!

Additionally, our writers can create a resume that targets a specific position and illuminates your credentials in the most beneficial light.

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What you Lack in Experience you Make Up For in Enthusiasm!

Resume2Employed knows that the job seeker who is new to the workforce requires a resume that highlights potential and enthusiasm. Volunteer work, education, extra-curricular activities, club memberships, sororities and fraternities are all dynamic components of a winning entry-level resume. Our professional team of writers is adept at illustrating the caliber of employee a recent college graduate can become by creating a resume that focuses on the “diamond in the rough.”

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This is no time to rest on your laurels!

While the professional-level resume illustrates your achievements, skills and experience thus far, it must also speak toward the future and the goals you wish to accomplish. The gifted experts at Resume2Employed know exactly what employers are looking for, and how to create a resume that reflects the knowledge, leadership and strong work ethic that got you this far, and the manner in which these attributes are commensurate with the company’s goals.Our staff of writers will zero-in on the talents that set you apart, and highlight how they can benefit your future employer.



Leader of the Pack

At the executive career level, there is not much you haven’t seen and done. Your achievements are many, your leadership credentials unparalleled. Still, you crave the adrenaline rush of bigger challenges and complex situations. The professional writers at Resume2Employed can assist you in your search for yet another brass ring by designing a resume that gets you the recognition you’ve earned. We’ll underscore your accomplishments and wellspring of expertise with finesse and skill. The specialized executive résumé is indeed an objet d’art that will have future employers bowing at your feet; begging for an interview.

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Don’t try this at home, kids!

Contrary to popular belief, a cover letter is much more than just filler and fluff. As an integral element that provides a sneak preview to your resume, the cover letter is an indicator of whether your resume is even worth reading. Think of your cover letter as the single, all-important opportunity at self-marketing. Therefore, the proper format, flawless spelling and syntax, and flowing and engaging prose are crucial.

That’s where Resume2Employed comes in. Our skilled professionals will design an attention-grabbing cover letter that’s sure to land you that interview!

Why take a chance on a DIY cover letter muddled with dangling modifiers and split infinitives when Resume2Employed can guarantee a state-of-the-art document for you?



The Finishing Touch!

Just because the interview is over doesn’t mean it’s truly over! There is still something more you can do to prove that you are by far the best candidate: The thank-you letter. It is the quintessential touch the shows you have manners, panache and are business savvy. In addition, the thank-you/follow-up letter indicates a high level of interest in the position, as well as respect and consideration for your potential employer.

The professionals at Resume2Employed excel in crafting the appropriate and timely thank-you letter that could be the catalyst that gets you hired! Let us help you put the icing on the cake with an expertly designed thank-you/follow-up letter.