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The job search begins with the RESUME. You’ll find that almost everyone has an opinion when it comes to creating a resume. What’s the proper length, font and structure? What type of content should we include? It’s easy to feel confused and unclear as to where to start.

Don’t get left behind due to uncertainty… Put your future in the hands of a professional resume writer who will professionally write your resume and will capture your future employer’s attention and ultimately land you the interview! Our resume writers have the expertise and creativity to enhance and highlight your career achievements in an engaging and creative way. With a professionally crafted summary, attention-grabbing headline, and targeted keywords, your future employer will have no choice but to call you.

Partnering with us is a win-win! Benefits include:

  • An objective look at your experience, education and training
  • Review your responsibilities, accomplishments and achievements for each position you have held
  • A keyword-optimized resume that is sure to pass through the Applicant Tracking System (ATS), a software used by organizations and recruiters to screen resumes
  • Summary Statement highlighting your background and career focus
  • Editing for grammar and spelling errors
  • Professionally-formatted, downloadable and ATS friendly


How Appropriate Is Your Cover Letter?

Your cover letter is a crucial component of your resume. Your cover letter is like the gatekeeper to your resume and is your one opportunity to convince a potential employer that your resume is worth reading. If your cover letter contains content that is inappropriate for the position, poorly-written, or filled with grammatical and punctuation errors, the chances of your resume being viewed is greatly decreased.

Many job seekers fail to realize that cover letters are NOT “one size fits all”. Your cover letter should illustrate your understanding of the position for which you are applying and explain why you are the ideal candidate.


Our stellar team of writers understands the significance of a cover letter, and the impact it can have on your chances of being considered for the jobs you’re applying for. Therefore, Resume2Employed writes your cover letter so that the employer sees that you are a qualified, unbeatable candidate for your desired position.

Order a professionally-written cover letter from Resume2Employed today!


Gain the advantage over your competition with a LinkedIn Profile that showcases your background and the strengths and abilities you offer an organization. Through strategically-placed SEO keywords, your skills and expertise will be emphasized and easily found by millions of recruiters and hiring organizations.

A Professional LinkedIn Profile will:

  • Ensure your online brand properly reflects your skills and qualifications
  • Build your professional reputation through LinkedIn
  • Place you in front of millions of potential employers and talent managers

What’s Included:

  • A striking headline
  • An eye-catching summary
  • An updated skills and expertise section
  • SEO keyword-rich LinkedIn Profile
  • Highlights pertinent areas of expertise
  • Denotes education, awards, foreign language fluency

Bonus: This service also includes a step-by-step guide to creating a fully-optimized LinkedIn Profile and how to use LinkedIn to maximize your job search.

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